Adidas as the new outfit of the India team

Adidas, a well-known manufacturer of sporting goods, is most likely to become the Indian cricket team’s new gear sponsor. Adidas is on the verge of acquiring Team India’s outfitting rights. Right now, the team uniform belongs to Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited (KKCL), Killer Jeans’ parent company. The Adidas agreement is reportedly scheduled to start in June 2023 and terminate in March 2028.

The previous sponsor, Mobile Premier League (MPL), had a three-year contract that was to have run from November 2020 to December 2023, however it didn’t last the entire time. Once MPL backed out of the arrangement, Killer Jeans was brought in as a filler. Nike had an agreement with The Board of Control for five years prior to MPL.Cricket in India, for which the BCCI received 370 crores. Although the agreement covered the years 2016 through 2020, Nike had sponsored the team uniform for 14 years prior to that.

Given that the brand has no history with athleisure or sports, the relationship between Killer Jeans and the Indian Cricket Team has appeared to be particularly off-putting from the outset of the arrangement. The governing body was eager to get on board a brand known for the space and would be a perfect fit for the mix in order to create a powerful amalgamation with a brand having better presence in sports.

BCCI partners with Adidas in an effort to boost the team’s brand value.globally
The BCCI sources claim that the board is prepared to replace the outgoing sponsor Nike with another international company with connections to cricket. Team India’s rights to have a premier sports apparel brand as a stakeholder were violated by the board’s affiliation with MPL and Killer Jeans. Nonetheless, Adidas will enhance the team’s brand value.

The BCCI and the Indian cricket squad will benefit greatly from the agreement with Adidas. By becoming an investor in the squad, Adidas will increase the value of their brand. The partnership between Adidas and many sporting organisations is well-established. They are linked to various prominent figures, including FIFA World Cup champions Germany, France, Italy, and Argentina. They also support prominent European athletes.Arsenal, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid are all football clubs.