Allan Border: Shane Warne should be the best bowler ever

Shane Warne, a late Australian superstar, is frequently mentioned while talking about the best cricket bowlers in history. On March 4, 2022, the legendary Australian man passed away unexpectedly in a hotel in Thailand after what was likely a heart attack.

Without a doubt, Warne was one of Australia’s all-time best bowlers. He accumulated a remarkable 708 wickets in 145 Test matches. It is difficult to forget the “ball of the century” he bowled to Mike Gatting during the 1993 Ashes series.

The tragic loss of Warne shocked the cricketing world, and on the first anniversary of the spinner’s passing, several cricketers stepped forward to pay their respects. Allan Border, a former Australian skipper, was one such person.Someone recently spoke out and declared that Warne is the best bowler to have ever represented Australia.

He is comparable to Bradley. Who is our best bowler? Sir Donald Bradman was a batsman; he is our finest batsman. That sparks an intriguing discussion: Notwithstanding Lillee and McGrath, Warne is undoubtedly our best bowler in history. The Australian cricket team has a winning record in Test matches while Shane Warne is on the side. Bradman experienced the same thing, according to Border, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ed Sheeran, a popular musician, also paid tribute to the late Shane Warne.
Despite the tragic passing of Shane Warne in 2022, his memory will always be cherished by cricket fans all over the world. Brooke, Jackson, and Summer Warne were present atEd Sheeran, a British pop singer, paid tribute to the late Shane Warne on Thursday night at the MCG.

Speaking to the 100,000-strong crowd, Ed Sheeran said, “I know this place was very, incredibly precious to him. I’m in the MCG tonight and I’m not here to witness this with my friend Shane Warne. He wrote a song with Warne and his kids in mind.

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