Anil Kumble, a former Pakistani spinner, according to Muttiah Muralitharan, but not Saeed Ajmal

Anil Kumble, a former Pakistani spinner, according to Muttiah Muralitharan, but not Saeed Ajmal

Spinners have frequently been utilised by Indian cricket teams to position themselves for victory. An a the, Abdur Rehman believes that Kumble and Muralitharan would have given up a lot of runs if they had bowled in the present era. Rehman was a former spinner for Pakistan and played in 22 Tests, 31 ODIs, and 8 T20 Internationals for the squad between 2006 and 2014.

On the Nadir Ali Podcast, when asked to name a dreadful spinner from India, Abdur Rehman said, “Anybody who plays for his nation can never be awful.”

When prompted further about a bowler he believes may be easily struck, the former Pakistani spinner said as follows: “Every pitch turns in its state. When the pitch is flat, they could become apparent. When Jadeja originally joined the squad, he was a terrible bowler, but under MS Dhoni’s direction, he drastically improved to become the best bowler in the world. In all genres, he is doing well. Chahal is an easy target. He is not a powerful ball turner and does not possess a lot of force. In red ball cricket, he does not appear to be able to thrive, but potentially in shorter forms. I don’t think he’s lambe racing ka ghoda.”

About Anil Kumble, he had the following response: “I think he would have been struck if he had been bowling at the moment. mostly because he wasn’t a very effective ball turner. Once, it slid. Considering the speed at which contemporary cricket is played and the line and length that he had, he would have been struck. Muralitharan would have suffered a blow to the body. At the same time, he was struck. But Saeed Ajmal wouldn’t have been struck now because of the diversity he had.”

In both ODIs and Tests, Anil Kumble has taken the most wickets for India (619). (334). In both ODIs and Tests, Muralitharan has taken the most wickets (801 overall) (534).

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