Ashton Turner: Leadership journey explained

Ashton Turner and Mitchell Marsh were finalists for the position of Western Australia’s next skipper five and a half years ago, when Adam Voges announced his retirement from all formats of the game. Although Marsh was chosen as the new captain of the team, Turner was unable to support his position during the interview. Remembering that, it’s interesting to note that Turner highlighted how the ‘job interview’ allegedly changed everything and improved him as a leader.

Turner said during his discussion of the incident that one needed to sit down and write out their ideas on leadership and how they were going to manage a group of individuals. Turner claims that putting his thoughts in writing has allowed him to get clarity about his values and style of leadership.his group.

The actual act of sitting down, having to put your ideas about leadership and how you’re going to manage a group of people in writing, and then being able to express that to other people in a group, that’s a wonderful ability and a great learning experience,” said the author. I probably had never been asked to do anything like that in my career before that moment (the interview for the WA skipper position),” Turner said.

So I suppose the lesson I learned from writing down my ideas and being very clear about what I stood for and what I thought was significant has served me well. As a result, when I mature, get older, and am requested to speak or present to crowds of people,Turner remarked on cricket.com.au’s Unplayable Podcast, “It’s always a fantastic reflection piece for me to write down my ideas to prepare and then explain, and it’s maybe something in professional sport that we don’t do a lot, and perhaps not enough.

The 30-year-old also stated that the entire process has a therapeutic quality to it and that he has grown and learned a lot as a result of it.

It has a soothing quality to it. I’ve matured and learned a lot from that process, the 30-year-old continued.
It’s undoubtedly a position I’ve taken on as I’ve grown: Turner Turner is an extremely effective leader who has won back-to-back Big Bash championships.Perth Scorchers won league championships. While Western Australia is scheduled to play South Australia in the competition’s championship match at WACA on March 8, he is also on the verge of taking home his third Marsh Cup Trophy.

Now that he is captain, Turner said that he has developed into a leader because he had never before envisaged himself in such a position.

I obviously grown into that role were never the finished article. Would you have immediately pointed at me as a 16-year-old and said, He’s going to be a leader”? Very likely not,” the Perth native added.