At Eden Gardens, Sourav Ganguly’s Jhoothi XI competes against Ranbir Kapoor’s Makkaar XI. Then This Happened, Watch

Sourav Ganguly and Ranbir Kapoor played a friendly game of cricket on Monday at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. Ganguly was the former BCCI president. To promote his movie “Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar,” Ranbir was in the area. On the cricket field, the two celebrities squared off. Ganguly played for the “Jhoothi XI,” while Ranbir played for the “Makkaar XI.” Ranbir faced 10 balls from Ganguly, according to a video uploaded by Xtra Time to YouTube, and even smashed a six. The film, which also features Shraddha Kapoor, is scheduled for release on March 8.

Shubman Gill has been pushed into the India starting XI against Australia, but Sourav Ganguly believes the Punjabi youngster will get his share of opportunities and it won’t hurt to wait a little bit.

But how can you advise a Shubman to chill off while he is in peak condition?

I’m sure he’ll have lots of opportunities when his time comes. He must be well respected by the captain, coach, and selectors. Because of this, he takes part in ODIs and T20Is, and he has performed well.

Yet, it’s possible that the team’s management is telling him that he must wait for now. The top order batters, with the exception of Rohit Sharma, have played falsely, and none of them have scored fifty runs, despite the fact that India has easily won both Test matches.

Does it seem weird today for powerful hitters to face spinners? No, in my opinion. This wicket is really challenging. As I saw in the first two exams, boss, it’s not easy. When the odd ball turns square, playing Ashwin, Jadeja, Lyon, and the new youngster Todd Murphy is never easy. There is unevenness in all that spinners experience.

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