Breaking his silence, Babar Azam offers Virat Kohli the proverbial “this too shall pass” message: “Maybe if I tweet,” I reasoned.

Among cricketers of the present period, Babar Azam and Virat Kohli are regarded as the two best hitters, and the two also have a friendly competition on the field. In addition to being third in Tests and T20Is, Babar is now the top hitter in the 50-over category. On the other side, Virat Kohli is a little further down the list, partly because of a rare dry spell in his illustrious cricket career.

Kohli struggled with a streak of poor performances for the most of 2022, and it was at this period that the two became friendly.

This will pass too. When Babar tweeted “Stay strong” with a picture of him and Kohli, it didn’t take long for it to go viral. a meme festival

Now, in a recent interview with Zainab Abbas of ICC Digital Insider, the Pakistan captain spoke openly about the trending tweet. According to Babar, the author of the tweet was in good spirits and expressed empathy for Kohli, his on-field competitor, and wanted them to keep playing together.

“As a sportsperson, everyone may go through such a time,” continued Babar.

At the time, I believed that if I tweeted, it may encourage and provide support to someone. You want to support every sportsmen in a tough situation as a player, you see.

When things are tough, you learn the truth about how you actually feel about other people. At the time, I believed I ought to have done so since it may have a favourable outcome. an item which can be an advantage.

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At that time, Kohli was focused on the England tour and had gone more than a thousand days without scoring a century in any format. At that point, Kohli’s final century occurred in 2019 against Bangladesh. But following the England trip, he had a hiatus until regaining it at the Asia Cup 2023, when he scored a century against Afghanistan, which was also his sole T20I century to date.

Since then, Kohli has gone on to score three ODI hundreds and a match-winning 82* in a high-stakes encounter against Pakistan under Babar at the ICC T20 World Cup in Melbourne.

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