“Brian Lara” said that Virat Kohli will break many more records but 100 centuries is the most difficult.

Virat Kohli and Brian Lara

It will be exceedingly tough for Virat Kohli to surpass Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 100 centuries in international cricket, as the renowned former West Indies cricket player Brian Lara clarified.

In the just concluded 50-over World Cup 2023 semifinal match against New Zealand, Kohli made history by becoming the first player to reach 50 centuries in the format. Tendulkar’s record of 49 tonnes was broken by Kohli. Furthermore, it marked Kohli’s 80th century in international cricket. The ‘Little Master’ achieved the three-figure milestone on 100 occasions during his remarkable career, leaving him only behind Tendulkar in terms of most hundreds in international cricket.

Although a lot of people had supported Kohli to defeat Tendulkar, Lara thought otherwise. The 35-year-old will find it extremely challenging to surpass Tendulkar’s total, according to the former West Indies skipper. Lara clarified that Kohli would need to get five hundreds annually, which is extremely challenging, if he were to play for an additional four years.

In what age currently is Kohli? 35, am I correct? He needs twenty but has eighty. He would need four more years to catch up to Tendulkar if he were to hit five hundreds annually. By then, Kohli will be 39. Difficult, extremely difficult work,” Lara said to Anandabazar Patrika.

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“No one can say with certainty. The people predicting that Kohli will surpass Tendulkar’s century record won’t be considering cricket logic. It seems a long way off, twenty millennia. That’s a score that most cricket players never reach in their career. I won’t take a chance and predict that Kohli will succeed. No one’s age ever stops. Although he will smash many more milestones, Kohli seems to find 100 centuries the most challenging “, he continued.

Lara pointed out that only Kohli can come close to matching the incredible milestone achieved by his “dear friend”.

“Only Virat Kohli can be near. I greatly like his self-control and commitment. How can you not be a fan of his? He gives every practise a full go. I’m sending him my best wishes. If he could achieve Tendulkar’s record of 100 centuries, I would be overjoyed. He remarked, “I’m a huge fan of Kohli, and Sachin was a dear friend.”

Others claim that everyone is jealous of him; in my professional life, I have also encountered this: Brian Lara

At the end of the 2023 ODI World Cup, Virat Kohli was the top run scorer. He scored three hundreds and 765 runs at an average of 95.62 in 11 games. Some in the cricket community, however, thought that he played slowly in order to score a few tonnes. Lara refuted that line of reasoning, claiming that many who criticise Kohli are jealous of his abilities.

Some claim that they are all envious of him. They’re jealous of how many runs he’s scored. In my job, I have also encountered this,” Lara remarked.

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