Coach Rahul Dravid: Cheteshwar Pujara praised before 100th Test

Prior to Cheteshwar Pujara’s 100th Test match, which is scheduled to start on February 17 at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi, Team India head coach Rahul Dravid praised the seasoned batter. Calling it a Pujara has been phenomenal in terms of his resiliency and fitness, and Dravid stated that playing 100 Tests is a reflection of his longevity.

Notably, in his 99 Test matches to far, the top-order hitter has amassed 7021 runs. He was out early in the first Test against the Pat Cummins-led team in Nagpur, but he would like to make a strong comeback in his 100th match. Prior to the second Test, Dravid discussed the challenges of continuing to play Test cricket and how Pujara overcame them.accomplish fantastic things for the nation.

To get here, you must have talent. However, there are a lot more things. Your lifespan is reflected by your participation in 100 Tests. It includes a number of elements, including your health, resiliency, and capacity for handling success and disappointment. According to Dravid, who played in 100 Test matches, it is impossible to avoid experiencing ups and downs in life.

You must persevere through the ups and downs. You are questioned in many different ways, both on and off the field. To play 100 Tests, it takes at least ten years. Pujara has accomplished a significant amount during the past 13–14 years. He continued, “It’s a credit to his brilliance, obviously, but also to so many other things.

Everyone enjoys seeing him play.Tests: David, 100
Dravid claimed that everyone in the team is thrilled to see Pujara play 100 Test matches because the cricketer from Rajkot is so well-liked there. The 50-year-old went on to say that he hopes the cricketer does well not only in the second Test against Australia, but also in all of the upcoming games.

Everyone in the team is pleased to see him play 100 Tests because he is a very well-liked member of the group. I hope he continues to play as well as he has been playing in future Test matches as well as this one. He has made some crucial contributions over the past ten years that have helped the nation win games and series. He has played a crucial role.over the past 13–14 years, in the team. We are delighted to share in this occasion with him, Dravid continued.

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