Dinesh Karthik recalls playing against MS Dhoni in India vs Australia match

Dinesh Karthik recalls playing against MS Dhoni in India vs Australia match

Dinesh Karthik noted that when MS Dhoni’s time came, he had become a brand, with followers hailing him as a “unique player” because to his immense popularity.

Before deciding MS Dhoni was the finest wicketkeeper, India’s selectors examined a number of keepers at the start of this century. His track record of “doing nothing wrong” further reduced the possibility of any additional possibilities.

With Rishabh Pant, KL Rahul, Ishan Kishan, and Sanju Samson all eligible to represent the India XI, there is a healthy level of competitiveness. India is fortunate to have backup wicketkeepers and batters of such calibre. But, India had trouble locating a wicketkeeper who could also bat at the beginning of this century.

The selectors thoroughly tested a few prospects before deciding on MS Dhoni. Also, he “did no wrong” during his outstanding career, which decreased the chance of any alternative options. Dinesh Karthik, one of them, discussed playing against Dhoni on the RCB podcast.

Thereafter, MS Dhoni took my spot in all forms.

Dinesh Karthik
Dinesh Karthik made his Indian debut three months before Dhoni did after a great showing on the India A tour, which also included the latter. He made his ODI debut in September 2004 and his Test debut in November of the same year. Dhoni was selected one month later. He scored a thumping 148 against Pakistan in the World Cup after a shaky start.

When Dinesh Karthik had the chance to join the squad, Dhoni’s influence was so strong that he rapidly became well-known and was hailed as a “unique talent” by the crowd.

I arrived earlier than he did. I was chosen for the Indian team as a consequence of the trip we went to India A. It was the first time I had ever played a game with him. I was chosen for the Indian squad due to my performance. After that, they went on another trip, and in an ODI game, he just hammered it with sixes and boundaries. Dinesh Karthik stated that such things took time for the world to get used to.

They asserted that he is an exceptional player. At that time, I definitely joined the Indian team, but given the depth of the Dhoni fandom, you had to pick Dhoni. He therefore assumed my role in all its aspects, and he did an excellent job. In the end of the day, Dinesh Karthik stated that everything boils down to seizing opportunities.

Dhoni will formally leave international cricket on August 15, 2020. The announcement shocked many cricket fans and observers because Dhoni had not previously announced any plans to retire.

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