Ex-Indian batter’s reply after Venkatesh Prasad’s jab at KL Rahul’s overseas record

KL Rahul, India’s opening batsman, is still a hot topic of conversation among fans and sports analysts. Because to his dismal performance with the bat, he has emerged as the favourite target of his detractors, despite the support of the team’s management and attacks from former Indian pacer Venkatesh Prasad. On Monday, Prasad even questioned the perception of Rahul’s “overseas performance,” asserting that the batsman only averages 30 in 56 innings played outside of India. Aakash Chopra, another ex-Indian batter, has now refuted Prasad’s assertions.

“KL Rahul is thought to have an exceptional record in international Test matches. Yet the data suggests different. His test average abroad is 30 over 56 innings. He has six foreign centuries, but they were followed by a run of poor performances, which accounts for his average of 30 “Rahul’s statistics were displayed graphically in a statement made by Prasad on Monday.

On Tuesday, Chopra responded, claiming that the Karnataka batter’s performance in SENA nations had earned him the management of the team’s backing.

“Indian batters are used in SENA nations. Maybe this is why KLR has the support of the selectors, coach, and captain. He has participated in two home tests (current BGT) throughout this time. I do not require a BCCI position as a selector or coach. I do not require a mentor or coaching position with any IPL franchise “When discussing Rahul’s statistics in SENA nations, Chopra made the statement.

Chopra and Prasad have previously held opposing opinions of KL Rahul. Prior to the conclusion of the Delhi Test, the batter-turned-pundit had urged the former bowler to reserve judgement on Rahul. Prasad had said that it wasn’t important.

Venky Bhai,” Chal raha hai test match. Consider at least waiting until the end of both innings. We are all members of Team India, the same team. I’m not requesting that you keep your opinions to yourself, but the timing could be a bit better. After all, “timing” is the key to our game,” Chopra had added.

“That really makes no difference, Aakash. Even if he makes a half-century in the second innings, in my opinion, it is still a very reasonable judgement. It doesn’t matter whether this happens before, during, or after the match. Best regards for your beautiful YouTube videos; I really enjoy them “Prasad responded by writing.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) released a release following the completion of the second Test in New Delhi, removing Rahul’s title as vice-captain. Rahul’s standing in the Indian team has undoubtedly decreased as a result of the decision.

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