Former Indian player reacts to Venkatesh Prasad’s criticism of KL Rahul’s international record

Former Indian player reacts to Venkatesh Prasad's criticism of KL Rahul's international record

KL Fans and sports commentators are still talking about India’s opening batsman Rahul a lot. Despite the backing of the team’s management and criticism from former Indian spinner Venkatesh Prasad, he has been the favourite target of his critics due to his poor batsmanship. Rahul’s “overseas performance” was also called into doubt by Prasad on Monday, who claimed that the batsman only averaged 30 in 56 innings played outside of India. Another former Indian batter, Aakash Chopra, has recently disputed Prasad’s claims.

The data, however, suggests the opposite. He has a 30 test average overseas over 56 innings. While he has six foreign hundreds, his average is merely 30 since those centuries were followed by a run of poor games.” Rahul’s findings were graphically shown in a statement that Prasad published on Monday.

Tuesday, Chopra responded by claiming that the Karnataka batter had gained the management of the team’s backing due to his success in the SENA Nations.

In the past, Chopra and Prasad’s views on KL Rahul differed. The batter-turned-pundit had asked the former spinner to hold off on passing judgement on Rahul before the Delhi Test was over. According to Prasad, it wasn’t crucial.

“Mr Venky, Test match chal raha hai. Consider delaying at least until the conclusion of both innings. We are all a part of the same team, Team India. I’m not asking you to keep your ideas to yourself, but perhaps now would be a better time. After all, the key to our game is “time.” “according to Chopra.

“Honestly, Aakash, it’s irrelevant. Even if he makes a half-century in the second innings, in my opinion, it is still a completely logical conclusion. It doesn’t matter if anything happens before, during, or after the tournament. Congratulations on your beautiful YouTube videos, which I much like.” Prasad, please respond by writing.

Rahul’s role as vice-captain was eliminated by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in a statement following the completion of the second Test in New Delhi. Rahul’s standing on the Indian squad was undoubtedly harmed by the decision.

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