Furious Mark Waugh: Expressed displeasure after the dispute with Dinesh Karthik

During the second Test match between India and Australia, there was an on-air argument between Mark Waugh and Dinesh Karthik. The former cricket players are a part of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy commentary team for the official broadcaster.

They had different viewpoints throughout the second Test match than one another. Waugh spoke to Cheteshwar Pujara about his displeasure with the field that Australia captain Pat Cummins had established. But, the former Australia opener was irritated by Karthik’s back-to-back counterquestions.

Waugh stated during the fourth inning of the second Test that Cummins should have brought the fielder within the circle to pack the off side rather than giving Pujara a deep point.

Karthik responded to Mark’s comments by saying, “So you’re not thrilled with the field.”You’re fine with the fact that Rohit Sharma has no support. As a captain, would you act the same way?

I am not talking about Rohit Sharma, DK. He is a very different player, the former Australia opener responded. Obviously, our perspectives differ. But because I believe there is a good probability of getting, squeezing one there, I want to load that off side for Pujara.

Since when do you really believe he would have discovered the trap in that one? Karthik said that he had time.

Karthik seemed to be irking Waugh, who then said: “I didn’t know that.”was an event for the media. Per session, you will receive one question, correct?

Nevertheless, before things might have become too chaotic Well, I’ll step in here, Sanjay Manjrekar remarked as he interfered.

India continues to rule.
At Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium, India defeated Australia by six wickets in the second Test match. Australia chose to winning the toss. India scored 262, while the visitors scored 263 runs in their opening inning. The Cummins-led team’s batting order then disintegrated as they were bowled out for 113 in their second innings. Rohit Sharma and company successfully won the game and the Border-Gavaskar Trophy after chasing down a target of 115.

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