Harbhajan Singh asked, “Can We Let KL Rahul Alone? In the wake of the Venkatesh Prasad-Aakash Chopra Twitter fight

KL Due to Rahul’s troubles on the cricket field, former Indian cricketers Venkatesh Prasad and Aakash Chopra are engaged in a social media battle on how to view the player. As a result of his numerous failures, Prasad has been a vocal opponent of Rahul, and Chopra later referred to Venkatesh as a “agenda paddler” for his criticism of the batter. Harbhajan Singh has now entered the discussion, urging the pair to leave Rahul alone.

The former India off-spinner posted on Twitter: “Can you guys leave @klrahul alone? He is innocent of any crimes. He remains a great athlete. He’ll make a tremendous comeback. In international cricket, long stretches affect everyone. He is not the very first and very last. So just have faith and accept the fact that he is our own player.”

In an earlier 12-minute video, Prasad attacked Chopra for disparaging him as a “agenda paddler” and criticising the arguments the former India bowler had made regarding the pick of KL Rahul.

Prasad had penned: “I have no vendetta against any player; perhaps others do. Different points of view are acceptable, however considering that @cricketaakash has built a successful career by sharing his opinions, labelling opposing viewpoints “apna personal agenda” and “Twitter par mat laayein” is amusing. I have nothing against KL or any other athlete, but I have spoken out against discriminatory hiring practises and inconsistent performance standards. Both Sarfaraz and Kuldeep have spoken out on the basis of merit. However, Aakash called it a personal agenda, which was disheartening.”

Venky bhai, messages are getting lost in translation, said Chopra. This is you. I’m on YouTube. We may have a live video chat, and I encourage you to join. Although having different perspectives is wonderful, let’s do it well. No one will profit from it, and I won’t have any sponsors on it. Are you game? I’ll give you my number.

Prasad rejected the notion, claiming that “nothing is lost in translation,” and he no longer wished to discuss it with him.

“No, Aakash, there are no translation errors. Because it didn’t fit your narrative, you referred to me as an agenda pusher in your 12-minute video. It’s quite evident. And in this Twitter discussion, I’ve made my thoughts extremely plain. I don’t want to discuss this with you more, “said he.

KL Rahul is likely to be pulled from the starting Eleven for the third Test against Australia because he is no longer India’s chosen vice-captain in the Test format.

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