How Can India Get to the World Test Championship Final? All Scenarios Have Been Explained

Following a defeat in Indore, an outright victory in Ahmedabad will secure India’s place in the World Test Championship final against Australia; however, if Rohit Sharma’s team loses or draws, the outcome of the Sri Lanka-New Zealand series will determine India’s fate. Australia has already qualified for the grand final, which will be contested at the Oval from June 7 to 11. With 68.52 percentage points, Australia leads the WTC table (PCT). Percentage points are derived by dividing the points earned by a team by the points competed for.

A team receives 12 points for a win, four points for a tie, and six points for a tie.

Australia presently has 148 points after 18 matches, with 11 victories and four draws. When fighting for 216 points, they have a PCT of 68.52.

Even if Australia loses the fourth and final Test against India, it will still have a 64.91 PCT (148/228100) lead.

What happens to India?

The PCT for India is 60.29, with 123 points earned in 17 Tests (10 wins and two ties). India has lost a few points due to the slow over rate during this cycle.

If India wins the last Test, their PCT will improve to 62.5, with 135 out of a possible 216 points (18 Tests). They will then keep second place and advance to the final.

If India loses, their PCT will drop to 56.94, and they will be forced to rely on the outcome of Sri Lanka’s away series against New Zealand.

In the event of a tie, India’s PCT will drop to 58.79, and the outcome of the Sri Lanka-New Zealand series will still be determined.

If the scores are tied, India’s PCT will be 59.72.

How can Sri Lanka qualify?

Sri Lanka’s only hope of reaching the finals is a 2-0 victory in New Zealand, one of the most tough away games for subcontinental teams.

Sri Lanka’s current PCT score is 53.33 out of a possible 120. (10 Tests).

If India loses, ties, or draws the fourth Test and Sri Lanka wins the series 2-0, their PCT will be 61.11, with 88 points out of a potential 144 on the line.

Even if Sri Lanka loses the final Test, their highest PCT will be 55.55, which is less than India’s (56.94).

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