I Was Called A Failed Captain, Virat Kohli Reveals in Startling Remarks

I Was Called A Failed Captain, Virat Kohli Reveals in Startling Remarks

Virat Kohli, the top batter for the Indian cricket team, has addressed the criticism he received for failing to guide his squad to victory in an ICC competition and how some supporters and experts saw him as a “failed leader.” Kohli mentioned in a recent chat that while being successful in guiding the national team reach the championship rounds of multiple prominent competitions, the lack of trophies became a hot topic of concern. The former India captain was adamant to emphasise that the criticism never led him to criticise himself, and he takes pride in the culture transformation that resulted from his leadership.

Well, you enter competitions to win them. For the World Cup, I was the captain.

“I never looked at myself from that angle; instead, I will always be proud of what we were able to accomplish as a team and as a cultural transformation. A culture takes decades to form, but a competition only lasts a short while. He claimed that in order to do this, consistency is necessary, which calls for traits beyond mere competition victoriousness.

As MS Dhoni led his team as captain, Kohli won the ICC World Cup title in 2011 and the Champions Trophy in 2013.The Champions Trophy was mine to win.

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