I was MS Dhoni’s right-hand man all the time. Virat Kohli

When Virat Kohli took over as captain, he claimed there was never a “awkward moment” between them.

“There was never any notion of discomfort during that time between me and MS. The truth of the matter is that MS chose me, Kohli stated on the Season 2 of the RCB Podcast.

From 2008 and 2019, Dhoni and Kohli spent 11 years sharing a changing room while they were both part of Team India.

Moreover, Kohli described how MS Dhoni prepared him over time to take over as captain of the Indian cricket team.

Virat Kohli received the following advice from MS Dhoni: “When you are expected to be strong and are viewed as a strong individual, people neglect to inquire how you are doing.”

He “sort of took me under his wing” and has “kind of been training me as a man who will succeed him as captain” since 2012. His vice-captain was me. He and I were frequently talking about what we could do in the field. I had always served as his assistant. Because I frequently played match-winning hits for the team, I gained confidence and was always there to comprehend the game, according to Kohli.

I was also giving him a lot of practical guidance. I never used to be someone who would just frolic when returning the ball. When the game was close, I used to constantly turn to him. I was always playing with the game’s feel. Oh, these many runs and these many runs. I never actually just looked at the scoreboard. I was more interested in how the pitch was going, the conditions, what we could do to end the alliance, and other such topics. He picked that up really quickly.

“As a result, it went really smoothly. Because of the way he led the Indian cricket team and, obviously, the way he played for so long, I have always had and still have a great deal of respect for him.

“I never intended any kind of harm when it came to MS. Never once did I feel obligated to be there. I’ve always been very appreciative of his trust in me and the fact that I can approach him about anything, he said.

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