Ian Healy: Praise for Steve Smith’s catch

In the third Test, which is now being played in Indore, Australia is poised to defeat India with a historic triumph because to Nathan Lyon’s masterful spin bowling. Ian Healy referred to Steve Smith’s amazing catch to remove Cheteshwar Pujara as “one of the finest catches in the history of cricket” despite the fact that the team’s offspinner had a sensational eight-for in the third innings.

With three days remaining in the Indore Test, the tourists only need 76 runs to win owing to the Australians’ two dominant days of play. The Indian batting stalwart Cheteshwar Pujara fought a solitary battle with a resolute half-century as Nathan Lyon destroyed the hosts in their second innings.

India’s goals for establishing a competitivewhen stand-in, the objective vanished Steve Smith, the captain of Australia, struck a one-handed beauty at leg slip to end Pujara’s obstinacy. Former Australian cricketer Ian Healy rated the catch as one of the best catches he has ever witnessed and said that any slip fielder in the world would have coveted the opportunity to take it.

Healy remarked on SENQ Morning, I just looked at Pujara’s dismissal, that’s one of the best catches in cricket history, that’s as good as it gets. He had a failing disc his old cobbler back but just brings me back to Mark Waugh. They would have delighted to have seen Bobby Simpson or any other of cricket’s greatest slip fielders.On SENQ Morning, Healy declared, “I’ve taken that catch.

Could @stevesmith49’s catch to remove @cheteshwar1 for a determined 59 be the game-changing one?
Healy went on to explain that Smith was stationed there to catch the ball that took the batter’s edge and rose into the air. But, Pujara perfectly timed the ball, and it was moving at a decent clip. Even so, the Australian captain completed a stunning catch by sticking out his hand against the weight of his body.

He was wide-eyed and slipping his legs. He was present when the ball spun, bounced, hit the bat’s inside edge or shoulder, the hip, or the top of the pad before expanding widely and causing a leg slip. Though he doesHealy continued, “an incredible leg glance that was fine barely beyond the wicketkeeper.

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