IND vs AUS: Information about Ravindra Jadeja’s pain relief ointment

The Indian team management, including Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja, informed about Ravindra Jadeja’s use of pain-relieving cream amid the ball-tampering controversy on social media. The brawl started after Ravindra Jadeja was found to have rubbed some substance on the ball during his bowling routine.

Footage of Ravindra Jadeja wiping a substance on the back of Mohammed Siraj’s hand and rubbing it on his left index finger has created an uproar. Which included questions from former cricketers. whether Jadeja had used a substance to alter the condition of the ball.

Indian captain Rohit Sharma has informed match referee Andy Pycroft. That Ravindra Jadeja was using pain relief ointment on his index finger. reports claim | After viewing the footage, the Indian captain and Ravindra Jadeja were questioned.

At the time of the incident Indian bowler Ravindra Jadeja had already dismissed the likes of Marnus Labuschagne, Matt Renshaw and Steve Smith. Left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja struck in the 16th over of the day. When this incident happened and it is common for a spinner to suffer calluses from gripping the ball.

They’ve probably got a blister or cut on that finger.
Former Australia captain Michael Clarke gave his opinion on this. That Indian spinner Ravindra Jadeja did nothing wrong. However, to avoid any relegation, Ravindra Jadeja had to hand over the ball to the umpire before applying the dressing.

He was bowling too much. That’s why there might have been a blister or cut on that finger. Had he given the ball to the umpire and done so, there would have been no comment about it.

There was a lot of discussion in the match due to Ravindra Jadeja injury. And the ointment was said to be a substance. And Ravindra Jadeja was questioned.

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