IND VS AUS: Ravindra Jadeja prefers the title of “Bapu” to “Sir” I hate being called “Sir”

IND VS AUS: Ravindra Jadeja prefers the title of "Bapu" to "Sir" I hate being called "Sir"

The old princely state of Jamnagar is where Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja is from, and he has stated that he prefers the moniker “Bapu” over that of “Sir Jadeja.” Rare interviewee Jadeja stated that he dislikes the term “Sir” and wants to be addressed by his name.

He also discussed how others who are uninformed of his past could see him and the life values his father instilled in him, emphasising the importance of on-field success. “Chamchagiri” (appeasement), in the words of Jadeja’s father, doesn’t go very far.

After recovering from an injury, Ravindra Jadeja’s all-around performance in the opening Test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy showcased his skills as a cricketer, which are oftentimes overlooked.


“Please call me by my true name. I’ve made my point. You can call me Bapu if you like; that’s what I prefer because I loathe the term “Sir.” This Sir-Var doesn’t appeal to me at all. Actually, it just doesn’t register when people call me Sir.” Ravindra Jadeja stated this in an interview with The Indian Express a few years ago when he was re-joining the squad after losing time due to injury for the trip to England.

He has bowled with Ravichandran Ashwin for a long period, although his cerebral spin method is not often intellectualised. If he performed well on the pitch, Ravindra Jadeja’s father had reassured him that he wouldn’t have to perform in front of the public.

Jadeja’s wife, Reva Jadeja, represents the residents of Jamnagar in the state Assembly, and the couple owns a significant piece of land outside the city that includes a horse stable. In Jamnagar, there is a lot of folklore around his love of horses, and locals take great pride in recounting stories of seeing him race barefoot over their fields. When Jadeja was growing up in Jamnagar, he was taught about the bravery of the native kings and warriors.

“We communicate politely with one another. It is always “Aap” or “Bapu.” Others around me behave in such way, and it is ingrained in my culture. If you are a member of the community, whether or not you know someone, you address them as Bapu. Regardless of age, respect is essential “He had commented.

Ravindra Jadeja performed admirably with both the bat and the ball, taking five wickets and taking a challenging fifty in Nagpur that perfectly exemplified his mental toughness.

In his return to competitive cricket, he made an outstanding seven wicket haul in a Ranji match against Tamil Nadu. The 34-year-old all-rounder has been out of commission since September 2022 after sustaining a knee injury during India’s Asia Cup campaign the year before.

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