It’s tough to watch, Harmanpreet Kaur told supporters after her team’s T20 World Cup exit.

It's tough to watch, Harmanpreet Kaur told supporters after her team's T20 World Cup exit.

India captain Harmanpreet Kaur wrote a heartfelt letter to her fans following her team’s demoralising loss in the Women’s T20 World Cup semi-final on Thursday. India narrowly lost to the defending champions Australia; the game’s deciding moment was Harmanpreet’s breathtaking run out. After the game, the 33-year-old was seen crying, obviously crushed by the defeat. On Twitter, Harmanpreet thanked the people for their persistent support and reaffirmed that the Indian team will recover swiftly.

This is for each and every one of our worldwide fans who has supported us during this World Cup. I value your belief in our course. I’m conscious that as a cricket fan, it bothers me when your team loses.

Harmanpreet hid her feelings at the post-match awards ceremony behind a pair of large sunglasses because she didn’t want the audience to see them.

“It’s quite difficult for me to stay in control. I’m not certain. I currently have a hangover “Harmanpreet acknowledged at a press conference.

“I’m unable to understand how it’s occurring. But when we come back to the chamber after this, we shall know how many more days there are. But, I felt our cricket match was outstanding. That’s all I have to say “said she.

On Sunday, the T20 World Cup final will feature a match between Australia and South Africa. The Proteas defeated to guarantee their spot in the title game.

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