Jemimah Rodrigues: WPL has helped us ease the pain of T20 World Cup loss

Jemimah Rodrigues spoke about the upcoming Women’s Premier League 2023 and the heartbreaking loss of India from the recently concluded ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2023. According to the young player, the team wasn’t in a great place after the World Cup campaign, but the next WPL competition is a blessing in disguise because it will help players forget about their experiences in South Africa.

The 22-year-old batsman made a huge impact against Pakistan and Australia in the World Cup, finishing with 129 runs from five innings. Yet India’s quarterfinal loss to eventual champion Australia by five runs devastated the hearts of many, especially Jemimah. She asserted that the team had enough of time to heal after losing at the World Cup, butthe WPL has aided them in doing so. Concentrate right away.

Sincerely, I apologise for the delay. We stayed in South Africa for two days following the semifinals (loss). Everyone had a negative attitude. But coming here for WPL and staying for two days with the family (has helped ease the pain). The loss definitely still haunts us, but the WPL is also a disguised blessing since we immediately enter this tournament, which will allow us divert our attention from the negative ideas and those things that still trouble us. Jemimah continued, as quoted by The Indian Express, “That is how we can shift our attention,” at a Delhi Capitals event in Mumbai.

We’ve had a lengthy history ofpushed open the doors. It’s taken a while but almost there But sure the WPL will make a big difference for women’s cricket. I think it will produce a lot of leaders or match winners, as well as a lot of celebrities,” she concluded.

For the 2018 WPL season, Meg Lanning, a World Cup champion, will lead the Delhi Capitals, with Jemimah acting as her backup. In the past, Jemimah captained Mumbai in the Women’s Senior T20 Trophy. She added that Lanning, a seasoned Australian, will take the team to a new level and that she will have a fantastic opportunity to learn from him.

Regarding the others, I’m unsure, but I’ll keep going.

Keep bugging her and asking her questions.Not everyone has the opportunity to gain knowledge from such steadfast individuals, but I do, and I anxiously anticipate it. Meg makes the best leader for this team because it has both young and seasoned players, in my opinion. Jemimah continued, “Meg Lanning’s experience will take our team to a whole new level.

Delhi Capitals will play their first WPL match on March 5 against Royal Challengers Bangalore at Mumbai’s Brabourne Stadium.

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