Jonathan Trott: Admits lack of communication on NRR calculation after defeat against Sri Lanka

Afghanistan lost their crucial match against Sri Lanka, which meant they were eliminated from the ongoing Asia Cup 2023. The team did, however, give it their all to get within striking distance of a victory.

Afghanistan had to reach the objective of 295 runs in 37.5 overs (to tie the equation with Lanka in terms of NRR) as Sri Lanka posted a target of 292 runs to chase down in a highly complicated qualification situation. They were eventually bowled out for 289 runs in 37.4 overs, and coach Jonathan Trott claimed that they were never informed of the scenarios as the team’s analyst came under intense scrutiny.

These computations were never revealed to us; all that was said was that we needed to victory in 37.1 innings. The overs in which we could obtain 295 or 297 were not disclosed to us. We were never told that we could win in 38.1 overs, Jonathan Trott remarked at the press conference following the game.

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