Kate Cross: Opinion on rumors of The Hundred being scrapped

The Hundred Women’s has had a significantly higher influence on women’s cricket than the majority of other international tournaments. The competition has had a significant impact on women’s sports over the years by giving them a platform to advance their abilities.

It’s obvious that support from the crowd has increased tremendously as well. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has reportedly been considering the prospect of replacing The Hundred with a T20 league, according to recent speculations.

English pacer Kate Cross spoke forward to say that she does not understand where the reports came from after they intensified in recent months. According to Cross, The Hundred Women did So much for the game’s enthusiastic support from the crowd, it was claimed, and people who do not watch the tournament had louder opinions.

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It has done a tremendous amount for women’s sports. That’s what really irritates me about those who don’t believe it. Many people who are genuinely buried will tell you they had a wonderful day out, but I don’t believe that is reported on. People who dislike the games and don’t attend them seem to voice their opinions more loudly than those who do attend, she continued.

Cross’ subsequent task for The Hundred Women’s will be to participate in the Eliminator of the competition on Saturday, August 26 at The Oval in London, when the Northern Superchargers women play on the Welsh Fire women. As both teams compete for a berth in the top match, she will be pitted against her close friend Alex Hartley, who may be playing her final game.

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