M.S. Dhoni or Rohit Sharma? Ex-Indian stars’ preferences for the “Best IPL Captain” vary.

Because Mumbai Indians have won more titles over the course of the past 15 years than Chennai Super Kings, former India opener Virender Sehwag chose Rohit Sharma as the finest IPL skipper above MS Dhoni. Mumbai Indians, who have won five IPL trophies, are the most successful team, and Chennai Super Kings are second with four. “The data is all there is to know. As you can see, MS Dhoni had experience leading the Indian squad before becoming the helm of the Chennai Super Kings.Rohit Sharma made his debut as a skipper with the Mumbai Indians, which served as the turning point in his successful career. “He therefore merits more praise for that reason. Like Sourav Ganguly, who led the Indian squad as captain and experimented with innovative

and various stuff. Under his leadership, India improved to become the finest one-day team in the world. That’s why Rohit Sharma is my selection “At an event to commemorate the IPL’s 15th anniversary, Sehwag spoke to Star Sports.

Nonetheless, Dhoni was chosen as the best captain of the IPL by former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh.

“Dhoni has played for a single organisation since his first season, thus I’ll cast my vote for him. He has been crucial to the success of the franchise. He has led his team in an outstanding manner. Other captains have also performed well and have triumphed in the competition. Nonetheless, I believe that altogether, Dhoni will have my vote “Harbhajan added.

“When comparing the quantity of trophies won, MS Dhoni has four, whereas Rohit Sharma has five. I’ve participated for both groups. Despite playing for Mumbai Indians for ten years, my heart still beats for them, but those two years at CSK were quite instructive.”

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