Mahi bhai in India vs Australia said, “Wow, that’s good.” Ishtan Sharma misses India’s entry. Star pacer of the Indian team

Mahi bhai in India vs Australia said, "Wow, that's good." Ishtan Sharma misses India's entry. Star pacer of the Indian team

The best kind of advertising, in many eyes, is word-of-mouth advertising. The professional world and sports both operate similarly. Athletes can use it as a way to move up to the major leagues from the domestic circuit or lesser divisions. Strong performances are always noticed, and if they develop into a trend, significant players will definitely become aware of them. Similar to how MS Dhoni forgot about his trial when Mohammed Shami, a 22-year-old West Bengal bowler, found himself in the Indian nets. Over the years, the Indian cricket team has chosen precisely that many players. With only four words, the renowned batter drastically changed the fast bowler’s trajectory.

Former Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma recounted the first time Mohammed Shami had bowled for India in a net session while talking to Cricbuzz about their “Rise of New India” presentation. Ishant, a seasoned Indian player at the time, said he had heard a lot about Shami and his bowling skills. He characterised it as “extremely skiddy.”

Mohammed Shami is a completely different bowler than Ishant Sharma at the moment
The 34-year-old continued by saying that Dhoni, the team’s captain at the time, was pleased with Shami’s bowling when he was ultimately invited to the Indian net session in 2013.

“I had heard about a West Indian bowler who was very quick and wary of contact. He appeared to have a regular run-up, but he bowled rather rapidly. So when we saw him at the net, Mahi Bhai said, “Wow, he is good.”

At Eden Gardens that year, Shami played in his first Test match against the West Indies, helping India win by an innings and 51 runs with nine wickets. Among them was a five-wicket haul in the second innings.

And he made his debut in Kolkata. He may have taken nine wickets and helped India win, in my opinion. Consequently, we also formed strong friendships. Whatever had transpired to him, I believed he needed outside assistance, so I informed him, “Whatever happened, happened,” since he was experiencing some personal difficulties. If you put all of your attention on the cricket match, maybe things will get better. Ishant said that this may be the reason for Shami’s drastic shift in bowling style.

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