Mark Taylor: Assessment of Indore’s bad pitch

In the ongoing Border Gavaskar Series, the Indore Test between India and Australia produced a result after three days of play for the third time in a row. After Australia’s convincing victory on a fierce turner, the Australian contingent has expressed concern over the Indore pitch. Former Australian captain Mark Taylor offered his opinion on the contentious playing surface after the ICC assessed the Indore pitch as “poor”.

Mark Taylor, a former Australian captain, was unreserved in his evaluation of the Indore surface, calling it the poorest of the three sites thus far in the series. He was taken aback to notice how quickly the surface began to disintegrate after the first day, highlighting the curator’s inadequate preparation.

I firmly believe that the pitches haveSincerity be damned, the series has been terrible, and the Indore episode was by far the worst of the bunch. A pitch shouldn’t, in my opinion, go through the top on the first day. If the game lasts that long, you might accept day four or five, but not day one—just it’s terrible planning, the former Australian cricketer told the Herald and The Age.

I don’t believe there was any shady behaviour at the Gabba: Taylor
The Brisbane pitch, which hosted the first Test between Australia and South Africa in December of last year, came under scrutiny when the ICC evaluated the surface. Former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar addressed the issue. Taylor, however, argued in favour of the green pitch in Gabba, claiming that the surface wasunlike the one in Indore, it was prepared to fit any certain team.

Because so many people are watching the Gabba this season, I believe they need to keep an eye on that sort of thing. The groundskeeper there just made a mistake. He left far too much grass on it, but in a way, neither side benefited. Due to the fact that South Africa has four excellent seamers, they would have benefited from the situation just as much as Australia.

Thus, I don’t believe there was any shady activity at the Gabba. I believe Indore is a similar case, and I hope I can say the same thing about what transpired there. But, the game there was somewhat more of a lottery due to the pitch’s poor preparation.favour India in any way,” Taylor continued.

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