Matthew Hayden and Sanjay Manjrekar criticized Rohit Sharma’s shot

The Indian captain Rohit Sharma has come under fire for his sluggish approach in the first innings of the Indore Test, according to former Australian batter Matthew Hayden. After India’s hesitant batting display on the first day of the third Test, former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar too criticised the opener.

The match’s opening over saw a pair of fortunate breaks for Indian captain Rohit Sharma, but he was unable to capitalise on them as he was dismissed by Matthew Kuhnemann after waltzing down the pitch. The Indian captain, who was meant to lead from the front in difficult batting circumstances, Hayden thought was playing slackly.

Without a doubt, there are a few photos that I find forgettable. I’ve always said this about Rohit Sharma.In a test match of cricket, the captain takes the initiative. He will reflect on that dismissal in the future and consider whether it was a touch careless or nervous.

When you win the toss, you want to leave a lasting impression and impose your supremacy on an undermanned Australia. They are without their captain and David Warner is absent. They have a lot to lose, including missing out on the Test Championship [final]. According to Hayden, “I think [there was] perhaps a little bit of complacency mixed in with a little bit of arrogance as well.

A Rohit Sharma was the one who had a hangover from the previous two Test matches: Sanjay Manjrekar, a former cricketer turned analyst, believed that Rohit threw hisGiven his incredible record in the series thus far, he probably had a bit of arrogance with the bat and gave a wicket away. The former Indian hitter observed that the Indian opener appeared exhausted from his team’s early-series success.

Right on. It was evident a lot in Rohit Sharma’s playing style. He was kicked out a second and third times since the reviews weren’t taken. As a result, Rohit Sharma entered the game still reeling after his supremacy in the first two Test matches. He didn’t begin with the first ball. There was some hubris there, according to Manjrekar.

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