Mithali Raj: Playing WPL will make us better than Australia and England

The past weeks have been absolutely amazing for women’s cricket in India. Launched the Women’s Premier League (WPL) for the first time. Later the U19 women’s team emerged victorious in the U19 T20 World Cup.

It can be said that women’s cricket in India is going in the right direction. But on the basis of former captain Mithali Raj it is still not at par with Australia and England. Mithali Raj feels India will soon become a superpower in women’s cricket with the introduction of women’s IPL and opportunities for players at the under-19 level as well.

I would say we’re not really there yet. But after coming WPL in a few years, it will be helpful to do well. Those countries have their own leagues). Whatever comes as a replacement somewhere. They are just as good. We’re not quite there yet. But we will eventually be able to get there in a year or two. It depends on this. Mithali Raj said in an interview.

Mithali Raj: We have reached that point. Where reaching the knockout is not enough.
Mithali Raj also said that qualifying for the knockouts is now enough for the team. With the increase in facilities, she expects the team to do well in ICC tournaments. Because with every good performance of his the expectations rise. The senior women’s team made it to the finals of the 2017 World Cup and the 2020 T20 World Cup. But lost in the final match against England and Australia.

Mithali Raj: If you compare yourself with the rest of the world apart from Australia and England. So there are other teams too. who are in that position. where we were a few years back. If we are getting all the facilities. Teams will not be satisfied with just playing semi-finals and finals. He is expected to win.

Mithali Raj: The Indian team will be greatly benefited by launching the WPL. And the team will go ahead. it’s good And this should continue to happen.

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