MS Dhoni: Virat Kohli the only person who reached out to me

The star batsman for India, Virat Kohli, has recounted the words of support he received from former Indian captain MS Dhoni during his difficult first few years with the team. Kohli added that the former Indian skipper was one of the very few persons who reached out to him to know his well-being on two occasions.

The top hitter has suffered greatly over the past few years as a result of Virat Kohli’s abrupt resignation as India’s captain and subsequent poor batting performance. But, Kohli has disclosed that in addition to his wife, close relatives, and his childhood coach, former Indian captain MS Dhoni was there for him when things became tough. He also shared the pearls of knowledge Dhoni had given him.that moment.

Aside from my childhood coach and family, MS Dhoni is the only person who has actually reached out to me. You hardly ever get in touch with him, yet he reached out to me. 99 percent of the time he won’t answer the phone if I call him on any given day because he simply doesn’t glance at his phone.

Now that it has happened twice, he reached out to me via message and said, among other things, “When you are expected to be strong and are seen as a strong individual, people forget to inquire how you are doing.” In Season 2 of the RCB Podcast, Kohli stated.

Dhoni is fully aware ofHe knows what’s going on because he’s been there himself: The counsel of Kohli Dhoni helped Kohli immensely as he took a step back to fully comprehend the circumstances. The 34-year-old believes the World Cup-winning captain was aware of his situation since he too had gone through similar circumstances during his great career and it takes a lot of empathy to assist those who are experiencing similar circumstances.

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