ODI World Cup 2023: Hyderabad Stadium becomes high security zone

The ODI World Cup 2023 is well under way, and the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad is finally ready to host a World Cup match after much controversy and debate. In preparation for the competition, the Telangana police have stationed 1,500 policemen on duty to maintain security in the stadium for the match between Pakistan and the Netherlands, which will serve as the second game of the ODI World Cup and be played in Hyderabad.

To further closely monitor the action in the stands, up to 360 CCTV cameras have been placed inside and outside the stadium. The authorities have also planned up to 18 parking sites for both two- and four-wheelers with the spectators in mind. The populace has additionally been urged to utilise the subway in order to avoid traffic congestion and a lack of parking.

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Hyderabad becomes a heightened security area prior to Pakistan’s ODI World Cup opening match.

Prior to the match between Pakistan and the Netherlands, a number of security precautions have been employed. According to Indian Express, Rachakonda police commissioner D. S. Chauhan recently announced that a combined command and a control centre have been set up on the south side of the site. These facilities will be utilised to monitor CCTV footage and aid in taking immediate action.

The events in Hyderabad and the performance of Pakistan and the Netherlands against each other as they prepare for the fight could be exciting to see as the confrontation draws near.

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