Parthiv Patel: Clever use of the Australian DRS

During the events of Day 2 of the third Test of the ongoing Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2023, Australia’s acting captain Steve Smith was observed using a very shrewd Decision Review System (DRS) approach. This brilliant strategy helped the great batter and his team defeat team India twice on day 2. The reviewing side gains an advantage without losing a review if the appeal is sent for stumping under DRS regulations since it is automatically checked for caught behind.

Parthiv Patel, a former cricketer for India, said in a similar vein that Smith was aware of this weakness and made the greatest use of it. Additionally, he stated that this method provides an unfair advantage to theThe reviewing team and the rules should be somewhat modified.

He is aware of it; Parthiv Patel wants the DRS rule changed.
Steve Smith took advantage of the weakness because he is aware of it. When there is an appeal for a stumping, the on-field umpire should refrain from going to the third umpire if he is confident that the ball is not out, according to Parthiv Patel, a former cricketer for India.

The 37-year-old believed Steve Smith was extremely cunningly abusing the DRS’s resource. However, a referral from the third umpire should only be requested in cases of extreme uncertainty regarding being caught behind. Additionally, he stressed the significance of using the DRS solely to examine aonly one method of dismissal.

The TV umpire should only assess the stumping if the appeal is only for a stumping, as this is the optimal course of action. If the fielding captain decides against conducting a review, a caught behind should not be checked.

As India was batting on Day 2, Australian wicketkeeper Alex Carey often attempted to stump the ball by removing the bails, and captain Steve Smith would instantly appeal for the same.

What Australia discovered was that the third umpire would instantly refer an appeal for a stumping review every time it was made. According to this reasoning, the fielding team would be checked for a caught-behind if it was successful in persuading the square-leg umpire to grant a stumping appeal.included in that single appeal.

By Day 2, it was evident that Steve Smith and his group were fully utilising this technique. While others referred to it as “cunningly smart,” several demanded that the ICC significantly alter how it uses the DRS.

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