Pat Cummins: Thoughts on the challenges of ODI cricket

ODI World Cup 2023 is well underway. But the start of this tournament was not good for Australia. The team faced India in its first game of the tournament and suffered a crushing defeat.

Australian captain Pat Cummins came forward to talk about how challenging the ODI format has been for him. The 30-year-old focused only on Test and T20 cricket in the early stages of his career and his role has changed in ODI cricket.

Pat Cummins made his ODI debut in 2011. And in the last few years he has played only 78 matches in this format. According to Pat Cummins, there is a need to work on his tactical approach towards the format.

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Early in my career, I found a balance between Test cricket and T20. Coming to the first change from being an opening bowler with a swinging ball in one-day cricket. And probably bowling a cross-seamer. This is a challenge for other formats.

Pat Cummins: It’s a very physical format

Pat Cummins told that the biggest challenge in this format is how the bowlers have ten overs to bowl. Describing ODI cricket as physically demanding, he said that it is quite difficult but he is enjoying it.

The biggest challenge is that you have ten overs to bowl. This is a very physical format. If you are playing two or three matches in a week. So I find it more difficult physically.

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