PCB: Announcement of exhibition matches for women on Women’s Day

The upcoming Women’s exhibition games are slated to take place at the Pindi Cricket Stadium in Rawalpindi on March 8, 10, and 11. On Thursday, March 2, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced the schedule and offered details on those matches. The names of the teams, Amazons and Super Women, have previously been made public, but not the squads.

Also, PCB wants to recognise Women’s Day through this competition. During the second game of the competition, the administration hopes to promote breast cancer awareness alongside Pink Ribbon Pakistan. In contrast, in the third game in collaboration with Circle Women, they will highlight the importance of empowering women via education.

On the other hand, Tania Mallick, the PCB’s Head of Women’s Cricket, expressed her enthusiasm forgaming exhibitions. She believes that these marriages will strengthen Pakistani women and give them a platform for development.

I’m overjoyed and thrilled that the Women’s League exhibition games are happening. During these demonstration games, our athletes get the chance to demonstrate their talents and provide their best efforts. She claimed in a PCB release that playing against foreign players in a league allows local players to gauge their skill level and motivates them to improve.

A message that is pertinent to women around the country is also played during the three exhibition games on March 8, 10, and 11. That will significantly contribute to empowering our women in general.Tania stated that she helped them not only as cricket players but also by offering them opportunities outside of the game.

The third game will be officiated by Tariq Rasheed and Saleema Imtiaz, while the second game will be overseen by Shozab Raza and Humaira Farah. The game’s referee, Humaira, expressed her joy at the honour and her hope that it will ultimately help women’s cricket.

I consider it a great honour to referee exhibition games for the Women’s League. These contests will provide us the chance to further develop our skills while also giving female cricket players the chance to express themselves on the field. This will significantly increase the number of ladies that play this game.She said they acted as referees and players.

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