PSL 2023: Opinions on the “aggressive” Muhammad Amir vary on Twitter

Cricket rivalries are nothing new, but if you mess with someone as well-liked as Babar Azam, their supporters can become less forgiving than you expected. This appears to be the case for Muhammad Amir, who recently infuriated the majority of the nation’s cricket fans by making a derogatory statement about Azam — who is probably one of the best cricketers in the world — that caused outrage.

Many internet users simply couldn’t help but criticise Amir’s harsh behaviour during the game as Karachi Kings lost their second match of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2023 on their home field once more, which prompted them to create cheeky memes as soon as Karachi lost the match.

Hassan Nawaz of Islamabad United was batting during the preceding game, when Amir caught the ball, taking a wicket.

Following that, Amir made a gesture of putting his finger to his lips as his teammates gathered around him. This was seen as condescending given his normally combative body language, and Amir was called out on Twitter.

It’s interesting how supporters dragged the Babar Azam statement into this discussion without holding back, with one fan commenting: “What a fall from grace.

Given that Nawaz is a developing player while Amir is more experienced, many people felt that the gesture was both overdone and patronising.

Amir’s attitude was criticised by one user who said that other cricketers did not appear to be as arrogant, even after playing against seasoned players.

Many more voiced increasingly harsher criticism of the situation, with some suggesting Amir should retire and others charging that he showed disrespect for the sport.

Many Amir supporters, however, defended their hero by characterising his actions as typical of fast bowlers and pointing out that other violent cricket players were treated much more leniently than Amir.

“I don’t know why are trolling Amir now,” one user commented. He is only performing and enjoying himself. Every every fan yelled, “Fast bowler aggression tu dikhae ga[He is a fast bowler, he is compelled to exhibit aggression as Shaheen did this to Sarfraz.

It should be mentioned that Nawaz recently gushed about Amir and expressed his excitement about playing him in the competition.

Nawaz stated in an interview with Geosuper.tv that he hopes to perform well when facing his favourite bowler, Amir.

“I watch Amir closely since he is one of my favourite bowlers. I’d love to play against him if I get the chance because our opening game is also against Karachi Kings “the cricketer from Layyah added.

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