Ravi Shastri reveals chat that replaced Jadeja for Border-Gavaskar Trophy

The former cricketer for India, Ravi Shastri, has spoken up about a fascinating chat he once had with the current cricketer for India, Ravindra Jadeja, which he believes entirely changed him for the better.

In the present Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2023, Ravindra Jadeja has been in the best shape of his life. India already has a 2-0 advantage over Australia in the four-match Test series. Jadeja was given the Man of the Match award in both of the opening Tests for his vital contributions to India’s victories in those matches. He performed flawlessly in the second Test, striking a half-century and taking ten wickets to absolutely destroy Australia.

Although Jadeja’s metamorphosis into an adult has been acause for celebration for Indian cricket, former men’s team coach and esteemed commentator Ravi Shastri has now disclosed a chat he once had with the all-rounder from 2019 that, in his opinion, contributed favourably to his change. Shastri said that Jadeja and he sat down together to bolster his confidence and provide him with their insightful thoughts after Jadeja was benched from the Lord’s test in 2019. He recalled asking Jadeja to improve his batting technique so that he might become one of India’s go-to all-rounders.

He seems to be hungry, and he is really fit. He has a strong commitment to the activity. There weren’t many talks that I can recall, although thereIn the 2019 tour is Lord. That game wasn’t played by him. A dialogue actually took place. Bharat Arun, the bowling coach, and I spoke while there. You have it all in you, we told you; just concentrate on that batting of yours. Work a little harder in that area of the nets because you have the talent and the game, even though it feels strange to be told you have them. It is up to you to recognise the talent you possess. The 60-year-old said, “You think you’ve got the talent,” when speaking on an episode of the ICC Review.

Shastri expressed satisfaction with the result: “After he had the chance later, he hasn’t looked back.”
the firstAll-rounder claimed all he and Bharat Arun needed to do was inspire Ravindra Jadeja to recognise the enormous potential that he possesses. He believed that the 34-year-old will undoubtedly recover after reflecting on his squandered opportunities in several tours.

Shastri said that he was really happy to see Jadeja acknowledge that talk and put a lot of effort into improving himself, which led to his climb to become one in the world. He continued by saying that as a result, coaches and team management began to view him as a match-winning all-around option, and ever since, he has lived up to all expectations without ever having to look back.

Once he had the chance When he looked back, he had scored runs during key moment and under tough circumstances. Of course, he then performed his duties with the ball. Because of this, selecting a spinner in international circumstances can be a headache for a coach. It is a nightmare if you are forced to choose only one. It gets difficult when you consider Jadeja’s record and Ashwin’s, according to Shastri.

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