Rohit Sharma got out twice in the opening over of India vs Australia but?

Rohit Sharma got out twice in the opening over of India vs Australia but?

In the third Test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy between Australia and India, the opening over of the Indian innings made headlines. India’s star opener Rohit Sharma and Mitchell Starc of Australia were also involved in the altercation.

Rohit Sharma, one of India’s key players, is having a fantastic Test series against Australia right now. Because the Australian team abused the review system, Rohit was permitted to continue batting after his early dismissal might have put India on the back foot.

At the first pitch of the inning, Starc gave Rohit’s bat an outside edge. A noticeable noise as the ball passed the bat prompted the Australian team to argue for a caught behind. But, the umpire was unconvinced and decided not to give Australia the win. After discussing the review, Starc, Carey, and Smith finally decided against it.

Although there was a spike on the UltraEdge, replays showed that Rohit had really edged the ball. The Indian pitcher’s first pitch was fortunate to escape and reach the next pitch.

The drama had not yet come to a conclusion. On the fourth ball of the over, Starc delivered yet another brilliant delivery that swung sharply back in. The ball brushed Rohit Sharma’s back pad on its way to the wicketkeeper because the movement beat out his attempt to play forward.

This time, the Australian team appealed for an LBW decision, but the umpire wouldn’t budge. Australian skipper Steve Smith decided against taking the review after chatting with the point fielder. Replays showed that the ball was striking the stumps, and it would have been out if the review had been done.

On the very first over of the innings, Rohit Sharma was fortunate to dodge another close call.

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