Rohit Sharma reprimanded for starting Ravindra Jadeja at number five in the Indore match between India and Australia.

Rohit Sharma reprimanded for starting Ravindra Jadeja at number five in the Indore match between India and Australia.

Sanjay Manjrekar, a former Indian batsman, was enraged by Rohit Sharma’s decision to bat Ravindra Jadeja at position five in both innings of the Test match. India lost the game as a result of Jadeja’s failed attempt to send up the order by scoring 4 and 7 runs in each of the two innings. In the first Test, Jadeja batted at position seven and scored 70 runs while participating in all seven innings.

As Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli were batting at positions three and four, respectively, Jadeja was shifted ahead of Shreyas Iyer at number five to maintain the left-right batting combination. It turned out that Jadeja lacked the skills and approach necessary to bat on a difficult Indore surface. Star Sports speaks with Sanjay Manjrekar

Team India, captained by Rohit Sharma, is under pressure for the first time in this series. Australia is in risk of dropping the third Test in Indore even though they only need 76 runs to win. The side was comprehensively outplayed by Australia and bowled out for scores of 109 and 163 in the two innings of the Test match. The visitors can recoup one point and take the series 2-1 with a win in Indore.

Rohit Sharma scored 12 runs in each of the Test’s two innings after scoring the match-winning century in Nagpur’s first Test. None of the Indian batters were able to score many runs during the first inning. In the game, Cheteshwar Pujara scored 59 runs on 142 balls.

“Simply put, I’m disappointed that Jadeja outperformed Shreyas Iyer in the prior and present innings. You can’t be doing that for the left-right combination. You still have a solid batter even if he hits with his right hand. Left-handed pitcher Jadeja joined the contest as well. I can understand when you have two or three left-arm spinners, like Bangladesh formerly did. Two outstanding off-spinners are bowling here. I was unable to comprehend it. Iyer has exceptional spinner feel, so you want to start him first. He has shown his class as well “said he.

Manjrekar also used Steve Smith’s prompt removal of Shreyas Iyer, a respected spinner, as an illustration of a captain acting with street smarts.

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