SA20: Kevin Pietersen wants to own a team

SA20: Kevin Pietersen is ready to own a team. He chose not to become a commentator instead. He could not buy a favor but he did not give up hope. I was one of the bidders. South African-born former England captain Kevin Pietersen accepted. I wanted to buy one of all the teams. But I didn’t have enough money available to own a team.

Kevin Pietersen said he would be open to an opportunity if a partnership offer came his way from one of the six teams. I don’t know that this is a possibility. Or not.

Kevin Pietersen is happy with the success of SA20. And give credit for this to the change in rules. about which to say. that it made the game interesting. Captains are allowed to nominate 13 players before the toss and make their final pick afterwards. A batsman is given out on a free-hit

The new rules are very, very correct. Toss doesn’t play much role. Bonus points is also a good way. You can see that bonus point has played a role here. You want to change the rules to make it more enjoyable for everyone. Keep the players on their toes too, he advises the fan.

Apart from being the champion of Test cricket, Kevin Pietersen is also a fan of T20 cricket. But they mean That can’t eliminate 50 over cricket despite being a longer format. We don’t say that cricket is better without ODIs because we are not there yet. World Cup is such a valuable game. Was able to win everything in his career.

Kevin Pietersen says | That ODI cricket is difficult. Because it doesn’t give the satisfaction like T20 International. Hurts the longer format of the game. I think It is hurting 50-over cricket in particular.

Kevin Pietersen, who played 136 ODIs, 104 Tests and 37 T20 matches, is saying. The mindset of the England team has changed. And this is the reason for their successes. Kevin Pietersen feels | That the Indian team is also capable of playing aggressive cricket.

Kevin Pietersen: India should follow suit. And despite having players, India bats very slowly. They have players. But still he should go out there and bat like England. What did Australia do before? At that time everyone started matching Australia or England with cricket.