Sachin Tendulkar was really upset when I joined the squad, to quote him. Meanwhile. Moving information from the former India coach

The Indian cricket team has been fortunate to have had a number of outstanding coaches throughout the years, including John Wright and Ravi Shastri, as well as some less than stellar ones, such Greg Chappell and Kapil Dev. One of the most well-known roles is that of the head coach of the Indian cricket team. With 1.4 billion people living in a cricket-obsessed nation, the expectations are quite high. But guiding a squad with a lot of famous players also makes the job challenging. However, Gary Kirsten, a former head coach of India, found the initial experience to be quite difficult. When he entered the side in late 2007, India had just been eliminated from the ODI World Cup, and he noticed a sense of “unhappiness” in the dressing room. Before explaining why MS Dhoni, among them, was a “standout” for him, he compared the former India captain to the illustrious Sachin Tendulkar in the interview room.

Speaking to Adam Collins on the “The Final Word cricket podcast” broadcast on YouTube, Kirsten remembered that he noticed a “lot of scars” and “unhappiness” in the team when he was hired as the Indian team’s head coach in December 2007.According to the illustrious South African cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar was “extremely unhappy” and contemplating retirement at the moment. The rumour that Tendulkar planned to retire after the World Cup in the West Indies is well-known, but Kirsten’s admission that he still had similar sentiments despite dominating the second half of 2007 is shocking. a little shocking.