Shai Hope of the Lahore Qalandars is happy to be in the stands when Shaheen Afridi is on the field.

Shai Hope, the West Indies cricket team’s newly appointed captain, hopes to gain expertise and experience during his first Pakistan Super League (PSL) season.

Lahore Qalandars choose the 29-year-old wicketkeeper-batter for PSL 2023. Hope is relieved to be facing a bowler like Shaheen Shah Afridi from behind the wicket this time rather than in front of it.

This time, being behind the stump as opposed to in front of it, is great. Whenever I have to take on these guys, I always rise to the occasion, but it’s good to share a dressing room with them. They’ve got some serious firepower behind them. Therefore, having fun playing with them is terrific, he remarked.

Naturally, winning is great, but as I told Shaheen and the other players, it’s nice to be on the other side of the stumps for a change. him in the opening over. So it’s simply fantastic to be here and participate with the PSL in general. But, it’s a fantastic match to begin my PSL career. And hopefully we can keep working together,” he remarked in reference to his team’s one-run victory over Multan in their opening game.

The West Indian athlete claimed that he was participating in the PSL for the first time and that the goal of the competition was to gain experience. He continued by expressing his gratitude to Lahore Qalandars for providing him with the chance.

On his objectives, he said, “It is just about learning from the better T20 players across the world trying to enhance my game and progress as much as I can.”

“I simply want to perform at my highest level as Shai Hope. It’s all about sharing your knowledge and expertise and attempting to bring everyone along with you, in my opinion. I believe that developing my game in all areas I can and looking for methods to better if I can help someone along the way is important. The secret, according to the West Indian cricket player, is to take pleasure in the moment and then share it with someone else.

The player, who was born in Barbados, gave the Lahore Qalandars’ dugout a score of 10 out of 10. He said, “Maybe we can stay together, pick up some more victories, and keep this momentum going.”

In response to a query, Hope stated that because he has only participated in the PSL and the CPL, he is unable to comment on the other leagues. Yet, he has always heard positive things about the PSL.

“I’ve heard about the calibre of cricket played here from my other teammates, my colleagues from Barbados and other parts of the West Indies who have participated in the PSL. The bar is, in my opinion, pretty high. It’s about trying to learn as much as they can from here and developing my profession as best as I can,” he said. “You people set a very high bar here in Pakistan.

Hope was selected captain of the West Indian ODI team barely one day after helping Lahore Qalandars defeat Multan Sultans.

The 29-year-old stated he is prepared to take on the challenge of his new position.

“I believe that as players, we must assume responsibility. We have been playing for a while. Putting on the captain’s hat today is just about sharing the information I’ve acquired over the years and providing my colleagues the assurance and motivation to go out there and give their all, he said.

It is the beginning of a new journey, and I hope I can do my best and ensure that West Indies cricket is proud, he said in his closing statement.

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