Shoaib Akhtar: Fans tell me that you praise Virat Kohli.

Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar has shared his opinions on how much Virat Kohli is constantly praised. Even during Kohli’s tough times, Akhtar has consistently stood with him.

One of the best batters in the current period is thought to be Kohli. He brags about having some of the best records. He has now gone on to easily break the records set by legends. But, even this outstanding batter had a very tough phase in his career that nearly brought it to an end in the Asia Cup 2022.

The former speedster recently highlighted why he thinks so highly of Kohli and noted that there was a time when India used to win matches simply on the strength of Kohli’s innings.

TumShoaib Akhtar explains why Virat “ki bohot tareef karte ho”
You should also note that nearly 40 of Kohli’s hundreds came during run chases. Main kehta hu kaise naa karu, log kehte hain tum Virat ki bohot tareef karte ho? (They claim that you frequently extol Virat Kohli. Why shouldn’t I do that, I simply ask? Virat used to score hundreds, which helped India win at one point, according to the 47-year-old, who was speaking to Bol News, as reported by the Hindustan Times.

The former fast bowler exclaimed with great pleasure that he is the loudest supporter of an Indian superstar. The 34-year-old has repeatedly pulled India out of the most difficult circumstances by himself through his game.

Akhtar compared Virat in an intriguing way.Sachin Tendulkar and Kohli. Even Sachin Tendulkar, according to him, was one of the all-time great batters. But, due to his appointment as captain, there was a time when even he was struggling. Tendulkar opted to give up the post of captain after realising it wasn’t his cup of tea. Instead, he decided to focus more on his batting, which helped him score more runs with the bat.

This was definitely the case with Kohli, whose scorching form had been severely hampered when he was made captain. He appeared to find it difficult to balance being the captain and playing. But, since Kohli is no longer serving as captain, it is anticipated that he would perform with considerably less stress and more ease.which the T20 WC 2022 made quite clear.

See, in my opinion, Sachin Tendulkar is the world’s best batsman. He was lost, nonetheless, as a captain. The captain himself resigned. I was speaking with a friend about Virat Kohli, and we were having the same conversation. When he focuses on his thinking, he would perform because he was lost. He won the T20 World Cup when his mind was liberated,” Akhtar said.

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