Sunil Gavaskar’s Special Request for Rohit Sharma and Company, “There Are Two Titles”

Sunil Gavaskar , a former member of the Indian cricket team, stated on Thursday that he wanted Rohit Sharma and company to win both the ODI and Test World Cups in 2023. In the current Test series against Australia, Team India has excelled, winning the first two games with ease. The squad will be guaranteed a position in the WTC final with one more victory in the final two games. Nonetheless, being the tournament’s host nation, India will once more aim to win the ODI World Cup championship.

“You want to be a champion when you witness one being congratulated. And you can tell everything is going well when your athletes are improving their personal bests. The World Test Championship and the ODI World Cup are the two championships I’d like the Indian men’s team to take home. The Asia Cup is between these two, of course. Nothing quite like it if that returns to India, “Gavaskar recently spoke with Sportstar and revealed.

Gavaskar had previously criticised former Pakistani cricketers for continually criticising Indian players.

“What the popularity of the game also does is encourage the media, particularly online media, to seek out more viewers or followers. As a result, anything relating to cricket, and particularly regarding Indian players, ends up in the public eye even if it denigrates them. That’s the terrible aspect, especially when opinions from countries across the border appear in Indian media online. Nearly every day, you’ll hear some former player from the other side of the border disparage an Indian player and proclaim that the Pakistani player is superior.”The success of the game encourages the media, especially online media, to look for additional viewers or followers, which is another effect of its popularity. Because of this, anything involving cricket, and especially anything involving Indian players, finds up in the media, even if it is negative. That’s the awful part, especially when viewpoints from across the border are expressed in online Indian media. You can almost always find a former player on the other side of the border disparaging an Indian player and extolling the virtues of a Pakistani player.

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