The Hundred Women 2023: Dane van Niekerk out of the tournament

The Women’s Hundred has been a setback for Oval Invincibles as their skipper, Dane van Niekerk, is out with a thumb injury. The seasoned cricketer was hurt on Wednesday during the match against the Manchester Originals. She needs surgery to repair the damage to her right thumb, which keeps her out of the competition for the rest of it.

Before being forced to miss the following match, when Oval Invincibles lost to Northern Superchargers, the 30-year-old former captain of the South African cricket team scored 44 runs across two games.

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Oval Invincibles are now considering their options in light of the setback because the crucial role of captain is no longer filled. Dane’s replacement has not yet been announced by the squad, however it is almost certain that Suzie Bates, the standout player for Kiwi, will take over as captain.

Cricket is not an exception to the unpleasant reality of injuries in sports. The team’s resiliency and adaptability will surely be put to the test without a crucial player like Dane van Niekerk. Cricket fans and spectators will be closely watching how the Invincibles overcome this obstacle and whether Suzie Bates can lead the squad to victory once more.

The Oval Invincibles have played four games so far in the tournament, winning just one and losing the other two. One of their matches finished without a decision because of the intense rain, which resulted in a point being split by both sides.

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