Venkatesh Prasad: Aakash Chopra targeted after social media controversy

The performance of KL Rahul continues to worry many people even after team India won the Border Gavaskar Trophy after defeating Australia in the second Test of the series. Due to his early dismissal from both games, Rahul was unable to record high totals, leading many analysts to doubt his selection for the team.

Between Venkatesh Prasad and Aakash Chopra, two former Indian pacers, there has been a lot of spirited discussion on KL Rahul’s performance and selection to the team. Recently, Prasad presented some Rahul statistics in which he disproved the notion that the 30-year-old had a successful international record and persisted in doubting Rahul’s position in the starting Eleven.

When Aakash Chopra noticed this, he accused Prasad of having a vendetta against KL Rahul.which the 53-year-old found offensive. Chopra posted a response to Prasad’s tweet criticising his video on Twitter “Messages are becoming muddled in translation, Venky bhai. This is you. me on YT. It’s good to have different perspectives, but let’s do it right. No one will profit from it, and I won’t have any sponsors on it. Are you game? I’ll give it to you.”

So my friend Aakash Chopra wants to stifle opinions that contradict his beliefs after posting a hateful this morning in which he names me an agenda peddle, deliberately and expertly misquotes me, and deletes Mayank’s average of 70 at home.wanted Rohit to leave

I have no vendetta against any player; perhaps others do. Different points of view are acceptable, however considering that @cricketaakash has built a successful career by sharing his opinions, labelling opposing viewpoints “apna personal agenda” and “Twitter par mat laayein” is amusing. I have …

No, Aakash, there are no translation errors. You referred to me as an agenda pusher in your 12-minute video since it didn’t fit your story. It’s quite evident. And in this discussion, Don’t want to discuss this with you any more, Prasad responded on Twitter.

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