Virat Kohli’s struggle in Test cricket during India vs Australia?

Virat Kohli's struggle in Test cricket during India vs Australia?

Many people believe Virat Kohli is mentally and physically exhausted after playing nonstop cricket for more than ten years. Ricky Ponting, who has seen it all, believes that India’s best modern-era player would bounce back in red-ball cricket.

Virat Kohli has done a fantastic job representing Test cricket. He prefers this format the most. The format, though, is already giving the former India captain problems.

Despite Kohli’s difficulties over the past three years, when the India star failed to reach the triple-figure mark across formats, Ponting has remained one of the cricketer’s most fervent supporters. In earlier conversations, Ponting had frequently commented that “great players typically find a way,” and Kohli was successful in doing so.

The 33-year-old broke his lengthy dry spell in a T20I match at the Asia Cup last year by smashing an unbelievable first century, which was followed by two ODI hundreds. Also, despite predictions, Kohli did not maintain his form in Test cricket. Ponting, though, doesn’t seem to be bothered by the din of the disturbance outside.

“I am not looking at anybody’s form in the series,” Ricky Ponting declared.
Because to how challenging it has been for hitters to play in the current Border-Gavaskar series because of the spin and bounce the surfaces have given, Ricky Ponting decided not to comment on Virat Kohli’s performance in the game when addressing the ICC Review.

Australia has performed amazingly by winning the third Test after losing the first two. Everyone is aware of how difficult batting has become. According to Ricky Ponting, it hasn’t only been the turn but also the unpredictable bounce, which makes you doubt the wicket and, if that happens, pushes you to guess frequently, which makes batting really difficult.

On the other hand, Ricky Ponting believes that India’s best modern-era player may come back in red-ball cricket.

He may not be scoring runs as we all want him to right now and he may be going through a bit of a slump, but he is a realist. As you are at bat and struggling to score runs, you are fully aware of this. Ricky Ponting went on to say, “I am certain he will heal, therefore I am not concerned about this.

In over 15 Test innings and more than three years, Kohli hasn’t managed to achieve a hundred or even a fifty. Kohli’s form has been questioned after he only managed to score 111 runs in five innings during the most recent Border-Gavaskar Test.

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