Wasim Akram calls Hasan Raza’s comment nonsense

Former Pakistan fast bowler Wasim Akram has commented on former Pakistani batsman Hasan Raza’s suggestion that India get specially prepared balls, giving them the advantage of extra seam and swing in the ongoing World Cup. Raza demanded an ICC investigation into the balls used by Rohit Sharma’s team. Akram’s response indirectly dismissed these claims, emphasizing the need for factual evidence in the world of cricket.

When questioned about the issue being discussed, Akram gave a broad response to quell the controversial discussion. The former Pakistani fast bowler explained in detail the ball preparation protocols and the responsibilities of the match officials in overseeing these details before the start of the game. In a light-hearted manner, he quipped that he would like to join what the spreaders of lies are saying, which shows that there is no truth in the rumours.

“I have been reading about this for the last two days. I want what these people have, which sounds like fun. The brains are not there. You are not only embarrassing yourself but also us. Look, This is an easy way to put it. The umpire, surrounded by other match officials, approaches the team bowling first with a box containing 12 balls.

He added, “The bowler selects two balls of his choice and then takes the remaining eight balls to the opposing team’s dressing room. They go through the same process. Afterwards, he hands the balls over to the fourth umpire, and all of this is done in the presence of other match officials,” Akram stated on A Sports.

In the current ICC World Cup, Indian fast bowlers have been notably successful, securing a total of 45 wickets in just seven matches. This achievement comes with an impressive average of 18.57, with Mohammed Shami alone achieving five-wicket hauls twice. Furthermore, the fast bowlers have already claimed 15 wickets during the powerplay. Akram commended the Indian pace trio of Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, and Mohammed Siraj, suggesting that they might even outshine their teammates.

“Who would have thought of such a thing? How to swing a ball with a contraption. The principle is straightforward; one side is rough (light) and the other side is shiny (heavy). I understand the logic. It’s because players from other countries, including our own, haven’t been as impressive. However, I also believe that the Indian bowlers may have picked up some additional knowledge. Perhaps they have become better and more efficient,” remarked the 57-year-old.

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