Watch: Peter Handscomb’s Amazing Catch Leaves Shreyas Iyer Stunned in India vs Australia

During the second day of the second Test match between India and Australia in New Delhi on Saturday, Peter Handscomb made an incredible catch to quickly and cheaply eliminate Shreyas Iyer. The hero for Australia was spinner Nathan Lyon, who took four wickets in the opening session, including Iyer’s. Iyer had limited space, as Nathan Lyon’s delivery flew out from the inner edge. Being positioned at short leg, Handscomb initially struggled to cleanly collect the ball, but he remained composed and made sure to successfully execute the catch on his second attempt to give a severe blow to the hosts.

Peter Handscomb made a very good catch in the second test between India and Australia (#IndVsAus2023 #IndvsAus2ndtest #BGT2023 #BGT23 picture).

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KL Rahul’s rough patch persisted, while Cheteshwar Pujara’s 100th Test first innings performance was forgettable as Nathan Lyon, the best spinner in the world, reduced India to 88 for four at lunch.

Only the captain, Rohit Sharma, 32, appeared to be in top form as a vintage Lyon (11-1-25-4) regularly troubled the top order.

Lyon’s deliveries occasionally rushed the batters since the Kotla track had a little bit more speed off the track than the Jamtha track. Also, offering a little extra air made hitters apprehensive.

Lyon fired one from around the wicket that was able to veer sufficiently and land on Rahul (17), who had defied Australia’s two DRS attempts. on his pads.

Shubman Gill’s forced confinement to the dugout, which served to further the narrative of Rahul’s shortcomings, has drawn criticism from the Indian team’s management.

When it came to his use of the sweep shot, Rohit seemed to continue where he left off in the first Test. But, he played to a straighter Lyon line above the line, and as a result, he was castled.

Rarely has Pujara entered the field with such anticipation, as the 20,000+ Kotla crowd was singing his name, but his milestone game ended up being somewhat of a letdown because he did not bother the scorers.

When Pujara attempted to play a half-forward defensive stroke, the second flighted ball was what properly reversed the conventional Rajkot man’s attempt. To raise his dreaded finger, the umpire merely needed to see the turn.

In his brief appearance at the crease after returning from injury, Shreyas Iyer (4) exuded confidence, but a run of poor luck ultimately proved to be his demise.

When he shifted one of his legs to the side, Peter Handscomb reflexively caught it, but nine times out of ten, it failed to stick. Iyer saw the ball between Handscomb’s legs despite the fact that he fumbled.

At the time of the break, Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja (14 batting), two of India’s recent top Test hitters, were at the wicket (15 batting).

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