When asked about his age, Shoaib Malik responds with an iconic “Pathan” line, saying Shahrukh Khan is also “aged is gold.”

“Recently, Sharukh Khan finished a movie. Pakistani all-rounder Shoaib Malik responded to a reporter’s question on his age and health by saying, “He also had an antique appearance.

After the game, a reporter questioned Malik about his age and condition. The sportsman, 41, remarked that it was past time to move past player ages, invoking Shahrukh Khan in the process.

The Karachi Kings’ batter went on to say that if 35-year-old Novak Djokovic can win Grand Slams, then we should focus more on the athlete’s ability to compete with younger athletes, whether his team must hide him among the fielders, or whether he fails to maintain a positive environment in the locker room.

Guidelines mustapply similarly to everyone. Different rules for different age groups shouldn’t be the situation.

When asked about his goals before retiring from cricket, Malik responded, “Nothing feels prouder than playing for your nation, but I’ve come a step ahead of that thinking…

My present goal is to achieve 15,000 runs, despite my true desire to wear the Pakistani jersey, and I intend to take in the game for as long as it lasts.

“If I start becoming bored, I’ll retire from cricket…

I have no expectations of anybody else; I just have expectations for myself and my god.