Yuvraj Singh: Suggestion on KL Rahul status before World Cup 2023

Finding the ideal batting order continues to be a hotly contested issue in the ever-changing game of cricket. Yuvraj Singh, a legend of the game of cricket, has weighed in on the recent debate regarding India’s No. 4 slot and has spoken in favour of keeping KL Rahul in this crucial spot. Rahul’s comeback in the world of cricket has not gone unnoticed, and his recent performances, especially during the Asia Cup 2023, have left a lasting impression.

The 31-year-old’s rousing comeback to the world stage was nothing short of fantastic. As he batted a century against Pakistan in his comeback game, his bat shouted words and lit up the stadium. Gautam Gambhir, a former cricketer for India, joined the chorus of admiration. Rahul serves as a sign of security at position No. 4. Currently, Yuvraj has also jumped on board and said,

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KL Rahul will now bat at No. 4 for India. He must receive 15 to 20 games at that position. After recovering from an injury, he earned 100 points at the Asia Cup. He scored a crucial 39 runs on a spinning track [in Colombo, against Sri Lanka]. He is currently looking terrific, so they should keep him at No. 4, the former India all-rounder advised in an interview with The Week.

Yuvraj discusses the significance of the No. 4 position.

Rahul’s bat worked wonders throughout the exciting Asia Cup 2023 campaign, scoring 169 runs in just three innings at an astounding average. 84.50 is the average. The Karnataka batsman made an especially lasting impression during matches against cricketing behemoths Pakistan and Sri Lanka, serving as the impetus for India’s victory in the competition. The maestro “Yuvi,” who himself held down the No. 4 spot 108 times over his brilliant career, is aware of the importance of this position. He clarified,

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